A west coast native with Louisiana in his blood, NOEL is an exciting performer with over 20 years of experience. Influenced by Southern charm and SoCal sophistication, his rapidly growing fan base speaks to the strength of his brand, his talent, and his music.

His Story

NOEL: A music and media creator, an “Artist & DJ”, and a seasoned entrepreneur.  NOEL has expanded and made a few pivots with recent changes in our world. These pivots were personally made to further his career and passion. Honestly, he has been preparing for this transition for many years. With the turn of this era, NOEL has chosen to overcome the hesitations and fully put his brand, artistry, and music first. You can hear and see this in action with the release of his new songs. For example “Keep Fighting On”, “BREAK | THROUGH” and a fan favorite “HIGHER”. His top-notch productions, storytelling, and screen presence are giving him an edge over the competition. Of course, NOEL is excited to DJ (post covid) but he will do it from a new state of consciousness. NOEL is not just a DJ. He has never just been a DJ. Yes, the world has put him in that category but with this pivot, in motion, NOEL will be finally showing off talents he always knew he had. As an Artist DJ, NOEL will continue to rock crowds and stages. He will intentionally elevate the atmosphere he is performing in, all the while increasing the love and faith of people all around the globe.  Not to mention he performs his own music productions while collaborating with live musicians, such as percussionists, violinist, saxophonists, drummers, trumpeters even trombonists.

NOEL had the honor of being the voice for his city during the initial stages of the covid lockdown. He was able to bring the city together through weekly rooftop sessions with the purpose of honoring the healthcare workers, SDPD, essential workers, and all others that were assisting with keeping the city thriving. This was one of the most impactful and memorable moments of his career. Giving back to the city that has given to him was a dream come true. (Getty Images) (NowThis Interview)

NOEL has not only performed for his friends in the city he loves, but for a wide variety of luxury nightclubs, celebrity parties, Fortune 500 corporate events, and has had the honor of showcasing his skills for internationally recognized companies such as Google, GoDaddy, GoPro, Uber, TechnoGym, Heineken, WD40, Tesla and even the Day Time Emmy’s. He has also captivated numerous nightclub & corporate audiences across the nation, from Miami to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Artist DJ, Creator, Music Producer, Speaker, and entrepreneur, NOEL founded IAMNOEL.media in 2019. The focus will be on creating and sharing music & media globally.  Some of NOEL’s other endeavors consist of a music, fashion & faith label called (GLOR3LYF3), A DJ & Musician Booking App called (ReziMusic.app), a supplement brand called, (NutraU.life) and lastly one dear to his heart called, (ImpossibleME.org) his newley formed non-profit.

I’M not in the Music Business…. I AM in the HUMAN Business!

-Kendrick Lamar-

IAMNOEL : Artist + Producer


To be a reminder that we all have the power to make the impossible Possible!