Can you F.E.E.L. it?

What does it mean when someone says to you, “can you feel it?”, or “can you feel that beat?” – or my favorite and most popular one, “do you feel me?”

If you’ve been around me at any time I’m sure you’ve heard me say that to you on many occasions. I’m all about that life (feeling).

For a track to move you, feeling the beat is extremely important. Isn’t that why we make, play, or listen to music?

I know some of you will say, “it’s because of the words”. I would say maybe you are right, however, the music is what causes you to feel so you can hear and be open to the rest of what the track is communicating.

Artists make music so you can “feel the beat“. That beat can actually be an 808, or 909 kick drum with a dope-ass snare, or how I like to refer to it as, “the heartbeat of the track”.

Most tracks are made with the hands, ideas, and talents of other human beings. Most times, when we get in the zone and create that track, you’re hearing the heartbeat given to the track by its creator. It’s like bringing something to life. Then, as if that could be it, there is an accompaniment by a vocal artist, a musician, or a dope sample and another heartbeat is layered on top of the first. Multiple heartbeats can be created and synced together to become one full wide ranged heartbeat.

THAT is what is amazing; it is truly astronomical, and out of this world.

What happens next is simply F’n magical. My ears have a beeline to my heart; which also goes down into my soul and begins to collab and make a groove. That unique groove then boomerangs back to the heartbeat of the song and connects and communicates with its original groove and it becomes one.

Do you know what is so cool? We all have our own unique heartbeat and groove inside of us. That’s why festivals, clubs, pool parties, and even a good house party, can bring different heartbeats and grooves together into one.

One big groove! There is nothing better.

I love music because it’s a sea of heartbeats and grooves. I get to bounce around from one to another from now until I leave this earth. There aren’t too many things that you can frolic around on this earth before people start wondering what is going on in your life LOL.

But music, bruh it is endless! It is what GOD intended it to be.  To cause you to F.E.E.L. When you feel, that’s where GOD is – because GOD is in you! The feeling is actually super dope.

Well, if this was over your head I am glad: it was for your heartbeat, your groove inside of you. You feel me?


For. Every. Eternal. Life. (F.E.E.L.) (credit to my boy Key for this acronym)

“I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”