It Just Sounds Better

Merica Loves Vinyl: 100 Reasons Why

Vinyl. I know I have millennials and Gen X’s that follow me so let me explain what vinyl is. Other names I like are Record, Wax & LP. I was never into the word “album”, but that is also what people call this round, typically black, disc. Check the video:

So, my experience with vinyl happened when I was quite young. I would say it was between the ages of 8-10. My three younger brothers and I would hop in the 80’s style van with our parents and drive from Phoenix, then even further from San Diego, all the way to Louisiana. My grandmother had a record player in her house so I would play albums often. One year, she let me take a few of them back in the van: that was an amazing day, however, I had nothing to play it on yet. 

Eventually, I got my own record player and continued to collect more and more records over the years of visiting my grandmother. There is just something magical, yes, I said that word – magical – about pulling a piece of vinyl out of a sleeve! Years later around the age of 14 or 15 I stumbled into a house down the street from where my parents lived. I never knew that walking into this house and up a flight of stairs would change my life. I walked into the bedroom and I saw what looked like a mixer and a Technics turntable on both sides. It was like the equipment had this heavenly shine on them. I felt that magic at a young age, and I went on to DJ all vinyl sets for many years. It’s how it all started for me. 

Most vinyl lovers will never be convinced that an mp3 sounds better than a new piece of “wax.” The sound of vinyl is so rich. You can almost feel the song in a very different way. The feeling of wax brushing across your fingertips as the song is playing, or you are scratching, cannot be described. It just sounds better. It just feels better. It just means… something… to me.

Fun fact: There are more records stores in the US than anywhere in the world


Playing til your fingers hurt

Guess what? For those who love vinyl, and even for those who have not experienced it as much as some, there is great news. By the end of the year HD vinyl will be available. Yes, HD! The old record process vinyl was made by a stamper. HD vinyl will be laser-cut, so the grooves and sound quality will last for a much longer time, over many more plays, and scratches. 

Fun fact: HD vinyl will work with your everyday turntable

DJz better watch out. This HD Vinyl could change the game. We could populate our country with even more stores because we all know at least one thing about vinyl; It just sounds better.